Tree Removal Services Abbotsford, BC

Engaging in tree removal on your own property can pose safety risks. For the welfare of yourself and others, it is advisable to hire a professional tree service.

Our team of arborists at Tree Services Abbotsford hold certifications from the International Society of Arboriculture, reflecting their extensive training in proper tree care. With years of experience and the proper tools for the job, we can assess the trees on your property, identify potential hazards, and carry out tree cutting or removal while prioritizing the safety of all involved. Trust our knowledgeable crew at Tree Services Abbotsford to handle your tree removal needs effectively.

Tree Removal Services Abbotsford, BC

While trees provide beauty and benefits to any landscape, there are times when removal becomes necessary. At Tree Services Abbotsford, we understand what a difficult decision this can be and aim to help property owners through the process.

Our trained arborists are available to inspect your trees and advise if removal is truly the best option.

Common reasons we recommend tree removal include:

  • Disease, decay or insect infestations affecting tree health
  • Weather damage compromising safety
  • Overgrown trees outgrowing their environment
  • Crowding and impeding the growth of other trees
  • Risk to property, buildings or personal safety from falling limbs or the tree itself
  • Dead or dying trees dropping hazardous branches

Regardless of the reason, our team takes every precaution to minimize impact during the removal process. Our arborists utilize industry best practices and specialized techniques like climbing, rigging, aerial lifts and cranes to safely take a tree down.

We understand regulations around tree removal in Abbotsford, and can provide guidance on obtaining any required permits before getting started. Your property and trees are in trusted hands with the experienced professionals at Tree Services Abbotsford.

Contact us today for customized solutions tailored to your landscape needs.

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Service FAQ

Trees may need to be removed if they pose a safety risk from falling limbs or unstable trunks, are diseased and cannot be treated, are dead or dying, have become overgrown for their environment, or need to be cleared to make space for construction or other land use.

Consider tree removal if a tree is showing signs of disease, decay or infestation, has been damaged by weather events, is at risk of falling and damaging property, is blocking sunlight or impeding the growth of more desirable trees, or must be cleared for a construction project. Consult an arborist to assess tree health and whether removal is necessary.

Warning signs include decay in the trunk, cracked or peeling bark, mushrooms growing on the base, rustling leaves without wind, and branches falling from the canopy. Have an arborist inspect trees near your home that show any concerning signs.

Not necessarily. Many trees develop hollow trunks and can remain healthy for years. An arborist should evaluate the amount of decay, strength of the remaining wood, and probability of failure before recommending removal.

Professional arborists use specialized equipment like chainsaws, grapple trucks, cranes, aerial lifts, rigging ropes, and wood chippers. Proper protective gear is also standard.

  • Some removal companies offer wood chipping or hauling services. You can also recycle the wood for mulch and firewood, or have unusable portions hauled away to a landfill. Be sure to check municipal ordinances for disposal requirements.

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At Tree Services Abbotsford, we are experts in all aspects of tree care, from removals to pruning and everything in between. Our certified arborists can assess your trees, diagnose issues, and advise the best solutions to protect their health and appearance. We safely handle tree removals, provide strategic trimming and aesthetic pruning, perform detailed tree evaluations, and offer custom care plans tailored to your landscape. Removing or cutting back trees can be a tough decision – that’s why we provide free, no-obligation quotes to help you make the right choice for your property. Call us today to learn more about our full range of tree services designed to meet your unique needs.

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Tree Removal Services

We safely remove trees of any size from your property. Our certified arborists will assess the tree and use proper equipment for a clean removal.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

We expertly trim and prune trees to improve their health, appearance, and safety. Our certified arborists follow industry best practices.

Stump Grinding Services

We grind away tree stumps and roots, leaving a flat surface. Our stump grinding equipment pulverizes stumps completely.

Arborist Report Services

Our certified arborists thoroughly assess your trees and provide a detailed report. The report covers tree health, risks, and recommended actions.

What Customer Say About Us

The tree removal service did an excellent job taking down several large trees in my backyard. They were professional, efficient, and cleaned up thoroughly after completing the work. I would highly recommend them.

Sonia Thukral Nanda
Sonia Thukral Nanda

I was very impressed with the tree trimming and pruning service. They carefully trimmed back overgrown branches that were scraping my house and planted new small trees to replace the ones they removed. My property looks so much nicer now.

Peter Eh-zay
Peter Eh-zay

The stump grinding service was amazing. They were able to completely remove two huge stumps from old trees we had cut down. They ground the stumps several feet below the surface. You would never know stumps were there.

Marcelo Orellana
Marcelo Orellana

This tree removal company went above and beyond my expectations. They took down five trees quickly and efficiently, and cleaned up all the debris. I highly recommend their services.

Luna Harrison
Luna Harrison

I was impressed with the tree trimming service's knowledge of proper techniques. They carefully trimmed my trees to allow for healthy growth and improve the overall shape.

Emmanuel Precioso Turner
Emmanuel Precioso Turner

The stump grinding service was fast, efficient, and affordable. They were able to grind two large stumps so that I could expand my garden. I'm very happy with the results.

Danette Stoelzle
Danette Stoelzle

The arborist provided an extremely thorough examination of my property's trees. His report gave expert advice that has helped me improve the health and appearance of my landscape.

Cesar Adrian Gomez Duque
Cesar Adrian Gomez Duque