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FAQs About Tree Services in Abbotsford: Your Top Questions Answered

Proper tree care is essential to maintain your property’s curb appeal and the health of your landscaping. But knowing when and how to prune, fertilize, or remove trees can be confusing. Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about tree services in Abbotsford.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Tree Service?

Attempting tree work without experience can lead to injury or damage. Professional arborists have the necessary expertise, safety training, and equipment to:

  • Safely remove large, damaged, or dying trees
  • Properly prune branches to encourage growth
  • Identify and treat insect infestations and diseases
  • Provide long-term tree health management

What’s the Best Time of Year for Pruning?

Most experts recommend pruning during the winter while trees are dormant. This causes less stress and minimizes sap bleeding from cuts. Spring can also work, provided pruning is done before new growth emerges. Avoid pruning in summer or fall when pests are active.

How Often Should Trees Be Pruned?

Pruning frequency depends on the tree species, age, and desired shape. Younger trees may need yearly pruning for proper form. Larger, mature trees may only require pruning every 3-5 years. Talk to an Abbotsford arborist about the ideal schedule for your specific trees.

What’s Involved in Removing a Tree?

Tree removal is a complex process that should only be done by qualified professionals. It involves carefully cutting the tree into manageable pieces that are safely lowered to the ground. Crews then grind the stump, remove debris from the property, and perform site cleanup.

Should I Fertilize My Trees?

In most cases, fertilization is unnecessary for mature trees. But younger trees or those showing signs of nutrient deficiency can benefit from a specially formulated arborist-grade fertilizer. Always consult a certified arborist before fertilizing.

How Can I Prevent Tree Disease Problems?

The keys to disease prevention are proper watering, pruning for airflow, mulching, and monitoring for pests. Early detection allows treatment before diseases spread. Various fungicides and pesticides can be applied if needed.

Do I Need a Permit to Remove a Tree?

Most municipalities require permits to remove trees over a certain size, usually defined by trunk diameter or height. Heritage trees, or trees located in protected areas, often require permits regardless of size. Always check local regulations before removing trees.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

For a medium-sized tree approximately 60 ft tall, expect to pay $300-$1,000 for removal. Exact pricing is based on the tree height, trunk diameter, location, and access challenges. Complex removals requiring cranes or commercial road closure permits can cost substantially more.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Pruning?

Key factors that influence pruning costs include the tree height, width, number of branches to prune, and need for climbing gear versus a bucket truck. Also, the complexity of accessing the site and Disposal fees for debris removal. Most arborists charge hourly rates ranging from $50-$150 per man-hour.

Is Tree Service Covered by Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance typically does not cover the cost of tree pruning, removal, or preventative disease treatments. If a tree falls and damages your home, then insurance would pay for clean-up and repairs. For proactive tree maintenance, the costs are your responsibility as the property owner.

How Can I Find a Reliable Tree Service Company?

When hiring an arborist, look for:

  • Certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) – Ensures proper training and knowledge.
  • Local business licenses and insurance – General liability and workers’ comp policies protect you from liability.
  • Positive online reviews – Reputable companies have satisfied customers willing to recommend them.
  • Detailed written estimates – Get quotes from several ISA certified arborists before deciding.
  • Tree care industry membership – Trade organizations like the Tree Care Industry Association promote quality standards.

Why Choose Tree Services Abbotsford?

Located right here in Abbotsford, we have provided exceptional tree care services to residential and commercial clients for over 15 years. All our arborists are ISA Certified with years of local experience. We offer free on-site consultations, reasonable rates, and prompt scheduling.

Our skilled teams utilize professional climbing techniques and equipment to access tall trees. We perform pruning, removals, stump grinding, and disease treatments with safety as our top priority. Each job comes with a detailed cleanup of debris.

Tree Services Abbotsford is licensed, insured, and registered with the City of Abbotsford and WorkSafe BC for your protection. We take pride in leaving properties cleaner than when we arrive. For affordable tree care administered with care, choose Tree Services Abbotsford!

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