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Caring for Trees by Season: A Month-by-Month Guide

Caring for your trees at the right times of year is crucial to keeping them healthy and beautiful. Trees face unique challenges in each season – from winter dormancy to summer heat – so their care must adapt accordingly. Follow this monthly guide to provide your trees with proper pruning, watering, fertilizing, mulching, and pest control throughout the seasons.

Spring Tree Care Tips (March-May)


Spring is an ideal time to prune your trees while they are still dormant. Remove any dead, damaged or crossing branches to improve the tree’s form. Make pruning cuts just outside the branch collar. Pruning promotes tree vigor by eliminating congestion and directing growth.


Apply fertilizer to roots in early spring just as the soil thaws. This stimulates nutrition uptake as the tree exits dormancy. Use a balanced organic fertilizer to encourage healthy new growth.

Pest Control

Inspect branches and leaves for signs of boring insects, caterpillars and scale. Apply organic treatments if needed. Preventative care can nip pests in the bud before they damage the tree.


Spring’s moist soil and moderate temperatures make it the optimal season for planting new trees. Water the roots thoroughly after planting and stake the trunk if needed.

Summer Tree Care Tips (June-August)


Supplement natural rainfall as needed, especially for young or newly planted trees. Target the soil beneath the canopy, not the leaves. Aim for 1-2 inches of water per week from rain or irrigation.


Apply 2-4 inches of organic mulch like wood chips around the base of trees. This retains moisture, cools roots and prevents weed competition. Replenish mulch annually.

Pest Control

Check regularly for pests like borers, aphids and Japanese beetles. Apply appropriate organic pesticides if an infestation is found. Prevent pests from spreading to other trees.


Avoid removing too much live foliage during summer’s peak growth period. Deadwood pruning is okay but minimize major corrective pruning.

Fall Tree Care Tips (September-November)


In autumn, prune branches to balance the canopy and remove dead or crossing limbs before winter sets in. This directs the tree’s energy reserves to lower branches.


Boost your tree’s cold hardiness by feeding the roots in early fall. Use a low-nitrogen fertilizer to prep for dormancy. Slow-release organic options work well.

Pest Control

Some pests are still active in fall. Treat borers and other insects before they can overwinter in or on the tree. Prevent future infestations.


Air and soil temperatures are cooling while fall rains arrive – a second ideal tree planting window. Water thoroughly for winter root establishment.

Winter Tree Care (December-February)


Only prune when the tree is fully dormant in mid-winter. Pruning too early can stimulate growth susceptible to frost damage. Remove dead wood and shape form.


Inspect branches and the crown area for signs of damage from winter weather. Prune broken or cracked limbs to prevent decay.

Winter Protection

Wrap or insulate young thin-barked trees if extreme cold, wind, or sun scald is expected. Stake trees to protect against heavy wet snow.

Following these seasonal care guidelines will keep your trees healthy year-round. Contact our professional arborists if you need any assistance providing your trees with the proper care at the right time of year. We are happy to advise on the specific needs of trees on your property.



Caring for your trees properly throughout the seasons is crucial for maintaining their health, safety and natural beauty for years to come. Pay attention to your trees’ needs during each seasonal change and provide pruning, fertilization, pest control, water and protective measures at the right times. If you are unsure about any specific tree care tasks, consult with a professional arborist for assistance and advice. With knowledgeable seasonal tree care, your landscape will thrive for generations.

For professional tree care in Abbotsford tailored to your property, contact the experts at Tree Services Abbotsford. Our experienced arborists can advise and assist with all your seasonal tree maintenance needs. Call us today to discuss a tree care plan that will help your trees flourish year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is seasonal tree care so important?

Trees face different challenges depending on the time of year – from harsh winters to hot, dry summers. Caring for them properly during each season ensures they can withstand these pressures and remain healthy.

When is the best time to prune trees?

Prune during winter dormancy or early spring before growth resumes. Avoid pruning in summer when trees are actively growing. Only prune dead wood in summer if necessary.

How often should trees be fertilized?

Apply fertilizer in early spring to wake trees from dormancy and again in fall to prep for winter. Fertilize annually at these times for best results.

What is the proper way to water trees?

Water deeply and slowly at the soil line beneath the tree’s canopy. Target the roots, not the leaves. Consistent deep watering encourages deep root growth.

How can I protect young trees in winter?

Insulate the trunk, wrap the crown and stake the trunk for support against heavy snow. Prune broken branches immediately to prevent decay.

Following proper seasonal care will keep your trees thriving in both cold and warm months. Contact our team if you need professional tree care tailored to your property.

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